In a clear paper Anderson et al state that current eligibility requirements ... for cgm are harmful, costly and unjustified. #cgmforall While in US-based, this acounts equally to most countries @KosterOrietta @LoesHeijmans #glucosesensorisgeengadget

Interessant congres! 'Maternal obesity and pre-eclampsia: common pathways', 5-6 november 2019, ... Amsterdam. Meer informatie: @WorldObesity @BiochemSoc

Hoe breng jij de diabetes- en vasculaire standaarden in de praktijk? Onze geaccrediteerde ... nascholingen voor huisartsen en praktijkondersteuners bieden handreikingen en inspiratie. In Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Emmen en nog 16 andere locaties.

Hypoglycaemia is a serious complication of diabetes characterised by low blood sugar levels. The ... @HypoResolve project is tackling the problem and its impact on the lives of people with diabetes and their carers:

During #EASD2019 we had the opportunity to speak with Prof. Chantal Mathieu about EASD's growing ... e-Learning platform (which you can access for free at #diabetes #education #elearning